Reaching our Community for Jesus Christ

Our Road to Victory

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Thank you so much to all members of St. Stephen’s church for the team work you’ve shown. Thank you so much for your hard work. Thank you to the organizing committee for a job well done. The festival was well run such that it was a joy to be there.
What an amazing line-up that was there, look at the crowd, the beautiful venue, all these combinations made us love the atmosphere. It was fantastic day; it was lively seeing these choirs perform live. Many Kenyans drove from all corners of N.E. to see these wonderful performers. It was a sweet show , I must say.
These festivals bring our community together in celebration of the art, music, and dance which reflect our rich cultures and ethinicities back in Kenya. Let us keep the fire burning remembering that our partnership is the key to our sustainability. This is the only sure way that offers greater understanding of our cultural beliefs, attitudes and traditional values not forgetting that it also offers and provides a sure connection to community issues, concerns and interests.
Be blessed,

Ven. Samuel Kimohu


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